An Australian model who didn’t know she was pregnant gave birth to a bouncing baby girl on the bathroom floor.

Erin Langmaid, 23, said she did not feel sick and had no signs of a baby bump. She further claimed she only began to feel ill two weeks ago when she gave birth.

Describing the experience as the biggest shock of her life, Ms Langmain told 7 News that the labour lasted only 10 minutes. The model revealed she was on contraceptives and so she didn’t expect to be carrying a baby, especially since she didn’t exhibit any tell-tale signs of pregnancy.

Erin three weeks before giving birth. Source: Instagram

Her partner, Dan Carty, said he rushed to her aid when he heard her screaming from their bathroom. “I heard a big scream and I ran in there and opened the door and I was worried about her, and then I saw the little one and I thought ‘hang on, there’s two’,” Mr Carty said.

Picture- Instagram Erin LangmaidSource-Supplied

However, before the new parents could digest the unexpected birth, the baby stopped breathing and started turning blue. It took efforts from the emergencies services to save the baby’s life.

Ms Langmaid’s pregnancy is referred to as a cryptic pregnancy or stealth baby where the mother does not find out they are pregnant until well into the pregnancy. The phenomenon is more common in first pregnancies and in women with strong abdominal muscles, which means the baby is positioned closer to the spine.