If you’ve lived in this planet long enough, you know how important Valentines Day is. It can’t bypass you. Not with all the red glitz, roses, chocolates and cards exchanged all over. You don’t have to feel left out when you have a family and can’t spend valentines as two love birds like your pre-children phase. Here are some ways that can make your day more love-filled.

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Make heart-shaped pancakes in the morning

What a way to kick start your day than with what you offer on the breakfast plate. Skip the bacon and muffins as you opt for an easy-to-make pancake recipe. Shaping your pancakes in a love heart will get the kids excited and finally finish their breakfast. This is a sure way to set the mood for any couple. A creative way of saying ‘ I love you’.

Read a story to the kids on the origin of Valentines day

We run around buying flowers, chocolates and cologne but have not the slightest idea about how Valentines Day came to be. Gather the kids together and narrate or read a story about it. It will help them appreciate and understand what the hullabaloo is about. How St. Valentine is intertwined with Roman history will be an enchanting story to give your family.

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Exchange love gifts

Don’t sulk thinking this is cliche. Modern day Valentine’s celebrations are all about getting gifts for your loved ones. Walk into a gift shop or take advantage of the many offers around this theme. Roses for the ladies, a sweet cologne for the man, some candy and chocolate for the kids and you are good to go. Everyone will feel special. Don’t fall into pressure though. A simple note expressing love can still pass. Encourage everyone to give each person a gift for a love-filled experience.

Go through your family tree photos and remember your loved ones

Valentine’s day should not only be limited to two romantic lovers. Get the family in the vibe by bringing out your family album and going through the photos together. Speak well and remind yourselves of the fond memories with your loves ones. It is a sure way to solidify your family bond as you concentrate on your family unit that you love so much.

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Go for a family-themed dinner

If you are already disheartened by the two by two reservations in restaurants, don’t be. There are some family-friendly ones that offer dinner packages for your whole clan at a discount. Take your family out as you watch the stars and enjoy the love mood. Sharing a good meal over some hearty conversation will make your valentines day experience quite memorable.


The beauty of having a family is that you get to have more people to enjoy celebrations with. Your children can learn about love and appreciate its essence. Grab your red coat or dress and fall in love with Valentines day!