Children with special needs may be different physically or mentally but they deserve just as much if not more attention, love and care. They also need to be accorded equal opportunities like their able-bodied counterparts.

No one ever knows if they are going to get a special needs child and raising them may
be a bit more challenging because they need more assistance. Below are ways of
nurturing and caring for special needs children so they can also achieve their life
dreams, missions and visions.

Enrol them in special needs schools

There are special schools that cater to the visually impaired, the hearing impaired, the physically disabled and the mentally challenged children. These schools are equipped with the necessary technology and materials to make learning as smooth as possible.

The pathways are also made in such a way that mobility becomes easier, same for the bathrooms, classrooms and fields. They are taught how to read, write and master skills with methods that utilize the senses they have.

Show them lots of love and care

Sometimes special needs children may face hostility from strangers or unkind people because of the disabilities they have. It is important to make them know that you love them just the way they are. Be patient with them, encourage them and love them.

Join support groups

There is a lot of strength that can be obtained from parents with kids that have similar conditions. That’s where you realize you aren’t alone as a parent with a kid going through a physical or mental challenge in life. You can mingle and talk to other parents who have older kids and they can share how they have managed to deal with
their child’s condition so far. They can offer invaluable tips and help when you need a helping hand.



Allow the challenged kid to play with other kids

It is understandable that a parent may be overprotective by shielding his/her child from suffering or ridicule by keeping them inside the house always. However, remember that they are still kids too and need to play and be normal. You can allow them to play with their siblings or neighbours in monitored environments where you ensure they are completely safe while playing.

You can also introduce interesting games that they can enjoy despite their disabilities. Such games can be on gadgets. You can also just play with them using toys or pushing them on tricycles while you hold it the entire time.

Celebrate achievements

It is the little things that matter. If they have accomplished something small that they were previously not able to do, celebrate it and make them know you have noticed and are proud of them.

Doctor’s visits

Be the pillar of strength they can lean on when they are in hospital. If they are getting a check-up or treatment, console them if they are scared. Give them something nice afterwards so they can always look forward to the simple gifts or snacks after the doctor’s visits.