There are so many mangoes at a specific season of the year, you wonder what to do with them. You are not short of alternatives after eating them in salads. Prepare this preserve in the form of a mango jam to ensure you enjoy mango sweetness all year long! Be sure to choose the less fibrous variety for best results. So simple to make, you will love it.

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  • 1kg Ripe mangoes (pulped)
  • 100g Apple (chopped and pureed)
  • 400g  sugar
  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • 200g Mango Dices

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1. In a non- stick pan add apple paste, mango pulp, sugar and mix it well.

2. Cook the pulp continuously on medium flame and keep stirring it.

3. At the 15 minute mark, add lemon juice and diced mangoes and keep stirring it well as you increase the flame.

4. After stirring it for 1/2 an hour, check the consistency. If using a candy thermometer, it should read 350 degrees Celsius.  Once you feel you’ve got the proper consistency, switch off the flame and keep scrapping for 2 minutes and allow it to cool completely at room temperature. If unsure, do the plate test. Here, pour a drop of the mango jam on a glass plate and tilt the plate. If there is no flow of water and the jam sticks or has a very low viscosity, your jam is ready.

5. Once the temperature of the jam cools down, start filling it in a glass jar. Make sure you do not cap the bottle before the jam cools down. This can stay in the refrigerator for one year.