After being denied entry into the Kenyan bound plane by the Lufthansa Airline yesterday, Miguna Miguna has yet again been ejected from an Air France plane yester-night.

The vocal lawyer took to Twitter to say he was ejected from the plane just before take-off, and the airline has attributed their actions to the Kenyan government.

“Dear Mr Miguna, we confirm that at the request of the Kenyan authorities, we were obliged to deny boarding. Like all airlines, Air France is required to comply with the entry requirements for the countries it serves and as such is not authorized to knowingly board passengers for a destination to which they are denied access. By doing so, Air France is simply complying with the international rules governing air transport, which it is required to respect. Best regards,” the Air France statement reads.

The lawyer has taken issue with the airline, terming its staff as rude.