Natural ways of reducing snoring at night

  • PublishedJanuary 28, 2020

Has your partner ever nudged you awake at night complaining about your snoring? You could have even startled yourself by the amount of noise you make. Snoring not only affects others but it also means that you’re not getting quality sleep. Worry not, your family members won’t have to suffer anymore on your account. Do this to reduce your incessant snoring at night naturally:

Switch your sleeping style

Most people who snore sleep on their backs. Doing this causes your air ways to be narrowed or blocked. The vibrating of the tissues that surround your throat and nasal cavity is what is produces the snoring sound.

Sleep experts advice that you sleep on your side instead. It won’t be easy to break the habit so invest in some pillows that will help you maintain that sideways position. Propping your head also opens up your airways to reduce the snoring.

Shed off some weight

Overweight people tend to have more fat around their throat and nose tissues and are thus more likely to be snorers. This would require you to make some lifestyle changes for a longer term effect. Jog, get that gym membership and cut down on all the fast food. Ironically, get some more sleep. The reasoning behind this is you cant eat unhealthy food if you’re asleep. Easiest way to lose some pounds.

Cut down on cigarette and alcohol intake

Relaxing of throat muscles is what causes snoring, alcohol does just that. You might have taken that night cap to calm your nerves after a long day but it is doing you a disservice. Smoking on the other hand irritates your throat tissues by inflaming them, also causing snoring.

In the long run quitting smoking and limiting the time you drink to earlier during the day will do you some good health wise.

Drink recommended amount of water

Everyone knows about the eight glasses suggestion. Staying hydrated keeps your organs running smoothly but it also prevents the formation of mucus in your throat and nose canal.

The body does that so they don’t become dry at night when you are inactive. Be sure to take just enough water and time it well so you won’t constantly have to wake up to use the loo.

Watch what you eat before bed

We already talked about improving your diet but did you know some foods promote snoring? Well, foods with dairy and gluten cause inflammation in your airways. So instead or reaching for ice cream for dessert go for a fruit salad instead. Veggies, especially the kind that are filling like pumpkins or squash are a great alternative for pastas and breads.

Get adequate sleep

If you’re taking sleeping pills for insomnia that could be another reason you snore. Pills have the same effect as alcohol because they relax the tongue and throat muscles. Try limiting your screen time or to induce faster sleep. If you’re less exhausted, that reduces your chances of snoring.

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