You will now have to sit and pass a  compulsory written test to get your driver’s licence,  the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) has announced.

These new NTSA guidelines will be implemented starting next month. Besides the practical and theory exams, there will be periodic assessments after every 40 hours of training.

“The theoretical test shall consist of a continuous assessment test administered after every 40 hours of training and a final test at the end of all the units in a module. The test shall comprise a minimum of 50 multiple-choice questions,” reads part of the guidelines.

You will only get a driving licence if you manage to score at least 80% in both tests. How illiterate drivers will  undertake these tests remains a mystery.

If you happen to fail the theory exams, you can only take another test after 21 days. You will have to retake the entire examination, not parts of it.  On the other hand of you fail the practical exams you will need to resit it within six months or register afresh and redo the course.