• PublishedMarch 21, 2018

Diaper handling is one area that many parents are not very keen on. For some, it’s as easy as putting it on or taking it off. However remember, the most delicate part of development of a child is between 0-3 years.

This is a time when a child’s well being is completely dependent on the parent or caregiver and the slightest misstep can have dire consequences on the child’s general health.

What many parents are not aware of is that there is a whole process to handling diapers. Here are a few tips to deal with diapers from master diaper makers, Pampers.

 Diapers just like any piece of clothing are highly flammable. Therefore they should be kept away from any source of flame be it candles or even a room warmer or heater common when babies are being bathed.
Be careful that the child does not tear the diaper to avoid risk of choking on padding, plastic and other material. The child should also not handle any loose pieces of diaper.
Any torn or unsealed diaper should be discarded carefully.
If you notice any gel-like material on your baby’s skin, it should not be a cause for alarm. It comes from the diaper padding and it can easily be wiped off.
Plastic bags, such as the cover of a diaper pack, should be kept away from babies, due to the risk of suffocation.
Check the baby’s skin after diaper removal to ensure there are no rashes, and then act accordingly. The new premium care diaper distributes wetness evenly to make your baby comfortable for longer.
After diaper removal, roll up the diaper and reseal the tabs to make it easily disposable.

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