Bathrooms have never been the part of the house that is given a lot of space, probably because you do not spend a lot of time in there. However, due to the amount of space you have, or lack thereof, it might get cramped with tissue paper, body towels, hand towels and everything else you put in there. It is therefore important that you come up with a way to store all these supplies. You might have to do it yourself especially if you do not have enough built-in cabinets in your bathroom.

Here are a few ways and styles that will help you put up storage space and organize your bathroom space;

Shelf Ladder

You might be called extra but your bathroom will not be cramped, and it will definitely be aesthetically pleasing.

Go with an all-white decorating scheme to make your bathroom feel more spacious. A slim tapering ladder shelf unit, like this from The White Company, provides essential storage. Decorate the bathroom with potted plants and bud vases to add a natural touch. Find more inspiration at

Open shelving

Make use of horizontal space. Many people focus on shelves and what they can do on the floor, but they do not realize that the walls can be used as well.

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Hidden compartments

You will be so happy with this! Hidden compartments are literally hidden, no one would know they are there unless you tell them. You get to have a spacious bathroom and ample room to store your supplies.

This storage idea is a keeper


They are quite common but they get the job done. You can fit as many as your space will allow in order to make sure that all your toiletries are well organized and out of your way.

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These could be mason jars or just the usual supermarket jars. They are perfect for storing earbuds, cotton wool and other tiny things that could get messy easily.

Bathroom Storage Ideas


Baskets are great for organizing specific items. For example, you can put hand towels in one basket and body towels in another, this way you will know which basket to go to when you need either of these items.

Organizing with Baskets