Every mother’s worst nightmare is a baby who simply just can’t sleep through the night, night after night right?

While there are certain things you can’t control (say colic for instance), there are certain things, thanks to the New pampers Hello Comfort, that are now within your control, ensuring your baby gets maximum comfort both day and Night! No more cry babies due to wet diapers!

For starters, The New Pampers Hello comfort provides up 12 hours overnight protection for your little bundle of joy. It’s Ultra Absorb layer that is three layers of absorbency, pulls liquids inwards and away from your baby’s bottom, ensuring they remain dry all through the night and the ultimate leakage protection. This is three times more powerful than regular diapers!

Say good-bye to peeking into your baby’s diaper to check just how full it is. With it’s premium care pampers in sizes N 1and 2, The New Pampers Hello Comfort has a colour wetness indicator attached to it. This means all you have to do is look at the indicator (which turns from yellow to blue when full), to determine just how much ‘business’ your baby has been up to.

Comfort is of the utmost priority is you are to avoid a cranky baby. Some diapers can feel rough, irritating, cause allergies and reactions such as rashes to the baby’s skin. New Pampers Hello Comfort is very soft to the skin and has a silky top layer with mild lotion to ensure maximum moisturisation and comfort for babies. It also contains mild moisturizing ingredients like Petroleum jelly, Aloe Vera extract among others, which are gentle to the baby’s skin.

A happy mum equals a happy baby and a well-rested baby also means a well-rested mummy! So try New Pampers Hello Comfort now.