A GSU policeman who works in President Uhuru Kenyatta’s presidential escort team shot and killed his girlfriend following a lovers brawl. According to witnesses,  Simon Njoroge Njau shot 23-year-old Ann Wanjohi at 8.30pm on Saturday 16th, after she turned down his marriage proposal.

According to witnesses, Constable Njau walked into the cyber café where Ann worked, requesting to speak with her. Ann declined saying she was busy with a client which then prompted Njau to walk out. Upon returning a few minutes later, he opened fire multiple times, killing Ann on the spot before turning the gun on himself. Njau was taken to Kenyatta National Hospital while unconscious and in critical condition.

According to Anne’s sister, Njau had threatened Ann that he’d kill her if she didn’t marry him. The duo had been dating for only three months.  Ann had repeatedly shot down Njau’s marriage proposals saying she wasn’t ready as she wanted to pursue her university studies first.

Investigations are ongoing.