A recent study funded by Kenyatta National Hospital and carried out by doctors collaborating with the University of Nairobi and the Kenya Medical Research Institute found that most women lack adequate information on repeat c-sections.

The research shows that most women coming to KNH with previous caesarean delivery want a repeat without a valid reason. Majority lack information associated with the risks of repeat caesarean delivery and the advantages of normal vaginal delivery. It also emerged that some are urged to undergo the procedure by doctors and institutions keen on making a killing, as the procedure is quite costly.

Repeat caesarean delivery comes with risks such as complications from anaesthesia, injury to organs, severe bleeding, rupturing of the uterus and even death.

World Health Organization data shows that a caesarean section, the surgical alternative to vaginal delivery, forms 5.8 percent of total births.

Women, especially those who have previously undergone caesarean delivery, are urged to undergo counseling so as to make informed decisions on their next delivery.

The Ministry of Health urges natural birth where possible.