Pupils from Arunda Primary School in Homa Bay County will be learning in shifts to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

With a total number of 1000 pupils, the school headteacher Fred Kayaga, says all of them can't fit in the 10 classrooms.

Arunda Primary school pupils at a school assembly on January 4, 2020. [Source: The Standard]

"Learning in shifts is the only way we can salvage the situation. Pupils of Grade Four, classes five and six will be in school in the afternoon. Those in grades one, two and three will be in school in the morning," Mr Kayaga told The Standard.

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Standard seven and eight pupils are the only ones who will not be subjected to learning shifts.

Elsewhere in Simbi Primary School in Rachuonyo North Sub-County students found their latrines submerged by water from Lake Victoria. The headteacher of the school, Washington Akuno  also said they do not also have enough classrooms.

"We lack clean water, our water tank was destroyed by people who camped in the school when floods affected their homes last year," Mr Akuno said.

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Pupils from Sosit Primary School in Bureti Constituency had to go back home to fetch water for handwashing and cleaning classrooms.

"Schools in the area are inadequately prepared for reopening due to lack of water in the face of COVID-19," an alumnus of the school, Kenneth Chelule pointed out.

Featured Image: Olympic Primary school pupils queue to have their temperatures taken on January 4, 2021. [Source: Reuters]

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