Respect from your wife must be earned, brother!

  • PublishedMarch 30, 2012

I think most men have lost what makes one a man. An uncle once told me that the word man stands for Master of Nature. This is what earns men respect from society. But a man who drinks himself silly and soils his pants; a man who steals sufurias from his wife’s kitchen and at times even her farm’s harvest to sell so as to buy a drink; and a man who absconds from his parental and marital obligations leaving his wife to agonise over rent, food and school fees, and about her sexual needs, is not a Master of Nature.

I pity the men who are undergoing this kind of ordeal in the hands of their wives, but I won’t sit to defend nor reason with them. Even more, I won’t curse their wives. These women must have put up with too much already. They must have agonised in their hearts and minds for years on end wondering what they did wrong to lose their husbands to alcohol. The last thing they would take is an irresponsible being, since he doesn’t qualify to be a man, who comes home late, after stealing money meant for dinner, and demands to be served with food.

If there is one out there who feels that he needs to win back his wife’s favour, let him take the heavy cross of responsibility and take care of his family. The last time I checked, women were not against our bottle. They just want us to be responsible. I met a man whose wife locked him out of their house just about dinner time and then proceeded to sleep with another man in the same house.

What? You may dare say. But what if everything in that house is courtesy of the boyfriend because the man of the house took all his salary to Mama Pima? This woman argues that conjugal rights are to be given only to those who deserve it.

To end where I started, I still wish you a happy year in 2012, but this happiness must be earned, brother.


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