First steps towards decorating your rented home

Be your own home DECORATOR  You have just rented a new home and need to not just fill it, but decorate it, too. The big question is where do you

  • PublishedApril 11, 2012

Be your own home DECORATOR 

You have just rented a new home and need to not just fill it, but decorate it, too. The big question is where do you start and with what? A lot of people may get bogged down thinking about how little they have to start with, without taking into account that it’s really about how creative you can be with the resources you have.

First, you need to get a clear picture of what your ideal living environment would be and hold it against the resources you have. How much can you afford and for how long do you expect to live in that house? Can you pull it off on your own or will you need extra help from outside? Some of the considerations you need to make before you start decorating your rented home include:

1.What are the specifics of your rental agreement ? Are you allowed to make modifications on the property or do you need the landlord’s permission?

2.How long do you intend to live in that home? This is important if you are considering introducing custom made furniture, which may be difficult or impossible to move in its assembled state.

3.What is your lifestyle ? Are you an entertaining type or do you expect to live only with your family and rarely have guests?

4.How are you going to use various rooms in the house? Are your children rooms separate or do they share rooms?

5.How much space do you need for other activities ? You need to decide if you will need separate rooms for TV, study, office and so on.

6.Prepare an inventory of the furniture you own . You will need to decide if you need more or to discard some and replace.

7.Does your house have enough space for you , your family and guests ? You need to decide which rooms can become used as multi-purpose, for instance, as a study, computer and playroom, or converted to a guest room when need arises.

8.Do you have any preferred colour scheme? This is an important decision, as it will guide you when you start buying items or painting walls.

9.How much do you want to spend? The most appropriate question should be how much can you afford to spend on your home decor? You will need to have a budget before you get started. After answering these questions you should have a fairly clear picture of what you are working with or without. Use this outline to help you establish your living style and plan.

You may wish to create a file of clippings and pictures of your ideal home, and strive to realize that style in your home. You also need to have a floor plan, which will guide you step by step as you move towards your goal within a realizable budget that fits within your financial situation. Above all, you need to have a schedule of what you are doing and when.

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