Brighten your Complexion

  • PublishedApril 12, 2012

The secret to a glowing and healthy skin lies in the way you cleanse your face and the products you use. Do not use soap on your face at all as the delicate skin requires cleansers designed to rinse away surface impurities and prepare the skin to receive vital nutrients from other beauty products such as moisturiser, and the food you eat. Here is how to cleanse your skin for maximum benefits.

As well as removing dirt and make-up, cleansing the skin using a cleanser suitable for your skin type and massaging it into your skin also helps promote blood circulation. Your face will appear brighter and fresher with a radiant glow if you follow a thorough cleansing routine. Remember, your skin is constantly renewing itself and shedding old skin cells. Lack of a proper cleansing routine can lead to dull skin, blocked pores and breakouts.

Choosing a cleanser

There are two types of cleansers, those that use water, such as foams and gels, and those that don’t, such as creams and balms. If you use a good cleanser, your skin should look cleaner and brighter and will not feel dry or taut. A good cleanser should remove the dirt and excess sebum on your skin, while retaining the necessary moisture. Cleansers made with natural ingredients are the best. You should avoid cleansers with parabens, lanolin, mineral oils and phenoxyethanol because these ingredients are likely to strip your skin of its natural oils. The way to know the ingredients in your cleanser is by reading the label.

Read it before you buy and don’t be tempted to buy a product because of the eye-catching claims on the packaging, of what it will help you achieve – flawless skin, beautiful skin, blemish free skin and so on. If you have normal or combination skin (distinguished by dry cheeks and oily nose and forehead), use a cleanser for normal skin on oily areas and choose a richer creamy one for dry areas. Dry complexions require rich cleansers, which usually come in cream form. Oily skin types need a gel or a foaming cleanser, which removes excess oil without stripping your skin of natural oils. For age spots and uneven skin tone, you need to brighten the skin and reduce pigmentation. Select a cleanser that has brightening properties, but not skin lightening ingredients. You can also try gentle face cleansing wipes for evenings when you are too tired to follow a normal routine but this should only be left to those odd nights. You shouldn’t rely on cleansing wipes for everyday use, as they don’t cleanse thoroughly. If your skin is crying out for an extra deep cleanse, using an exfoliator after your cleanser helps. If you wear make-up, you should first remove the make-up with a special make-up remover, especially around the eyes.

Proper cleansing

Identify the cleanser that is suitable for your skin type – is it oily, mature, dry, sensitive or problem skin with tendency to break up? To cleanse your skin, fill the sink or basin with warm water.

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