Foreplay Gateway to exciting sex

  • PublishedApril 13, 2012

Satisfying lovemaking takes time, and can never take too long. Couples who hurry up lovemaking end up not fully enjoying the thrills of good sex. On rare occasions, you may become so aroused during foreplay that you immediately move on to actual intercourse – penetration and orgasm – but usually loving couples try as much as possible to enjoy the thrills gradual intimacy provide, before actual intercourse takes place. Foreplay describes sexual activities that take place prior to intercourse. Prolonged foreplay, which includes leisurely kissing, undressing, massage, oral sex and the sharing of fantasies, among others, is the gateway to exciting sex.

Foreplay should be savoured as an integral part of lovemaking, and couples should learn to excite each other slowly but surely, discovering and exploring each other’s erogenous zones and bodies in a loving, caring, thoughtful, and not simply mechanical way. Some couples go through sex in such a mechanical way that it becomes routine, predictable and boring. This is a recipe for disaster in the relationship. The variety of techniques that can be used to please each other can be enjoyed as activities in their own right, or as delightful prologues to sexual intercourse. The longer, more refined and attentive foreplay is, the more receptive you and your partner will become, and the better, more magical and more fulfilling the ultimate pleasure of sex will be. The pleasure derived from foreplay is worth every minute spent pleasing each other.

Both men and women need foreplay. Contrary to popular belief, men need and enjoy foreplay. Traditionally, foreplay was considered to be something a man did to a woman to get her ready for intercourse, as he presumably was always ready. The truth is, men are not always ’ready’ for intercourse. In reality, men, especially as they age, need and want more of the touching and kissing, stroking, and loveplay that precedes and accompanies intercourse. Women need to recognise that their partners will both require and enjoy much more erotic touching, as they get older. Foreplay offers them the necessary stimulation to build up a good, firm erection and prepare the penis for intercourse. In fact, numerous cases of impotence could be prevented if foreplay was long and exciting enough.

There are, however, a few situations where the length and type of foreplay needs to be carefully discussed by the couple, and that is where a man experiences premature ejaculation or where he has trouble maintaining an erection. In those cases, he may want to keep foreplay to a minimum, and move on to intercourse as soon as he has an erection to avoid losing it, or ejaculating before penetration.

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