Sibling fights: How to stop your kids from fighting

  • PublishedAugust 13, 2019

Have your kids turned your house into a war-zone with their constant arguing, bickering and fighting. Sibling fights are rather normal, but if it is driving you crazy, here is how to put an end to it:

Give everyone attention

Older kids may sometimes fight the younger ones when they miss your attention. Try as much as possible to give each child attention.

Check yourself

You are your children’s first role model and they mirror your actions. Try to solve problems around the house calmly whenever you can (sometimes you just can’t). If you and your partner solve every single disagreement by engaging in shouting matches, best believe that is what your kids will do. So lead by example.

Set rules

Set clear family rules and the consequences of breaking each. Clear, definite rules will rein them in and let them know what is right and what is wrong. Let them know upfront that fighting and yelling is not condoned in the house. Also set up routines and establish sitting positions, who goes first on shared items so conflict does not ensue.

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Deal with the source of the conflict

Are your children fighting over toys? Make sure there are enough toys to go around. Is it about a particular chair? Get another chair and if that is not possible, take the problematic chair away. This will minimise the causes of conflict.

Be a good coach

Whenever you catch them fighting, take time to reprimand them and show them options for resolving conflicts without being violent.

Let them work it out

After coaching, sometimes it is best to let your children work their own issues out. This process should be closely monitored, of course. Your children will be meeting with other children, and learning to resolve issues maturely on their own will come in handy even in adulthood.


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