How absent fathers affect their daughters' lives

  • PublishedAugust 13, 2019

The daddy-daughter relationship plays an important role in the upbringing and future of their children. Absent fathers affect their daughters’ lives in more ways than we might know or care to admit. Various studies have shown that the following could result from emotional and physical absenteeism of the fathers.

They might develop low self-esteem

Daughters expect their dads to affirm to them that they are beautiful, strong, brave and brilliant at all cost.  Daughters raised without fathers present tend to grow up with esteem issues. They hardly socialize naturally and may struggle with believing in themselves.

Settling for less

Dr Steve Perry posits that dads play an all-important role in affirming their daughters’ self-worth. Their absence might cause their daughters to settle for less when it is time to pick a partner, because they feel that is all they get.

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They struggle to build and keep relationships

Women who grow up without dads find it hard to maintain relationship in the future. Consciously or unconsciously when the father walks away,  daughters may put a wall and lock out any man who approaches them on matters love and relationship.

Eating disorder

Girls raised without fathers may develop eating disorders to earn their fathers attention, according to this study published in the NCBI. They tend to find closure in depression while others choose to have ‘father hunger’ to maintain in good bodies for their fathers to love them for what they are.

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Prone to engaging in sex at a young age

According to Psychology Today, this absenteeism might cause ladies to engage in early sex in search of love and attention, according to study.

This is not to say that all girls who do not grow up with their dads follow the same path. Women have risen to be great, even when raised without fathers.


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