Hailed as king of the internet, many have been caught in the porn web without realizing the adverse effects of watching pornography. The porn industry leads in revenue with yearly revenues out-grossing global corporations. According to Fight The New Drug, children as young as 11 are exposed to pornography. When one starts to watch porn at this tender age, it may become an  addiction and later will have some adverse effects. Some of the adverse effects are;

Porn distorts the mind

When beginning to watch porn, a person may get satisfied by soft scenes. But as they get addicted to it, they might need hard porn to satisfy the dopamine needs. For this reason, most porn addicts are more tolerant to unnatural sexual acts, rape and promiscuity. Most porn depicts women as objects. Men who frequently watch porn are at risk of adopting this unhealthy view of the women they interact with.

Porn affects relationships

Porn is not real. When it comes to love, real love requires a real person. According to research, men who are exposed to pornography rate themselves as less in love with their actual partner than men who do not partake in the practice. People who are exposed to pornographic images, and videos, might have unrealistic expectations of their partner’s appearance, sexual curiosity, sexual performance, and displays of affection. In a poll conducted by MSNBC, 1 out of every 5 males admitted that porn was taking away hours that used to be spent with their partner or kids.

Porn ruins sexual life

Being a fantasy in itself, porn might cause people to lack fulfilment in their real lives. Watching too much porn might hinder their ability to connect with real people on an intimate level because they are used to passive sex.

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Remember, a typical 45-minute porn video takes about three days of shooting to produce, but will leave the viewer thinking it happened without taking a break. These fantasies are hard to apply in real life.

Unhealthy sex education for kids

Sadly, as earlier noted, young kids are exposed to pornography and this has adverse effects on them. When they see the sexual content, they tend to believe that that’s what sexual relations should be like. They later have odd expectations of real sex later in life which might completely interfere with their relationships. Early exposure to sexual content might also cause children to engage in early sex.

Feeling of loneliness

According to Dr. Gary Brooks, a psychologist working with pornography addicts for 30 years once said: “the more one uses pornography, the more lonely one becomes.” Porn addicts may develop loneliness and anxiety. To relieve this, they have to watch even more pornography and i becomes a cycle they cannot break.