Supporting your family financially could be challenging  unless you think outside the box. Having businesses on the side is an interesting way of make money. You can have a business of any sort so long as it fits within the legal parameters. Here are some few tips on how to generate business ideas:

Start with family

Your family and relatives can provide you with capital to start a business. Sell the idea to them, they might even be your first clients.

Get help from friends

Friends can be a huge part of your assets. Get some advice and ideas from your helpful friends who will help you come up with good ideas.

Watch out for the things that bug you


The best way to generate business ideas is by focusing on the things that disturb you, finding gaps and niches. Do you have to walk long distances to the grocery shop in your area? Other people are probably suffering too! So be their salvation and start a grocery shop. Can’t find quality wigs? Many other girls can not either, so look at it as a possible business idea. 

Focus on your interests.

Your interests could be the things you love doing most. Your hobbies like cooking, playing football, netball, volleyball, writing or any game of you choice can be turned into business. Most people have developed good ideas from their hobbies.


Traveling opens you up to good business ideas the more you travel, the more you get interesting ideas.

Go online

Going online may trigger a concept or make you come up with good business ideas.

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