Do you own a small living room and for the longest time struggled to find ideas of how you could spruce it up?  Supersize your space with this top tips and clever design tricks.

Use mirrors

Designers often times place mirrors strategically in small places so that a room can feel larger. Hanging a large mirror in a central position so as to create a focal point in your living room would be great a start.

Use neutral colours

For small living rooms, this trick works perfectly. Combinations of off-whites and beiges will work perfectly expanding and pushing back the walls. These soft hues tend to illuminate a room by reflecting light to the room. Neutral palettes impart sophistication and create a calming environment.

Go for a wow factor

Sometimes the best way to increase the space in your small living room is by ensuring that the eye is in constant motion. For example, you can have a pattern or a bold colour next to another bold colour, creating a cozy perfection.

Take advantage of high ceilings

In cases where you might be lacking surface space, the high ceilings come in handy. Take advantage of the high ceilings and tall windows with some nice high curtains and great wallpaper. Adding curtains to these tall windows adds some airiness and height to a small room.

Use ottomans

Instead of the old traditional coffee tables, use ottomans as they will take up less space and spice up the decor. You can place a tray on the ottoman if you intend to have a flower vase or books as this will create a support for the items.