Economies around the world have been hit hard by the shutdowns put in place in a bid to curb Coronavirus pandemic from spreading further. The hotel industry is one of the hardest hit with many hotels round the globe shutting down rendering hundreds of thousands jobless.

This is the scenario that Shujana Anthony, a waitress from Los Angeles, Carlifonia in the USA, found herself in.  She was thus left in a precarious position unable to meet her bills. In a CNN interview aired recently, Anthony said she didn’t have an idea of how she was going to pay her rent of $1,100.

A viewer from Illinois, Chicago, offered to pay her rent.  Temi Vaughn, the Good Samaritan or American if you like, told CNN she was touched by what Anthony was going through.

“I just wanted to help, even if it’s just a little bit, and maybe she can pay it forward, even if it’s a year from now, and to whomever she wants,” Vaughn said. “Just spread kindness.”