While people have been asked to stay home, some of us unfortunately still have to hit the road because, essential services. Following the government directive that public service vehicles carry only up to 60% of their capacity, most of them have hiked their fares. It is horrible, especially because our current income is incongruent with the hiked fares. Despite this, we must say it is a joy having the whole seat to yourself! It is like riding business every single day! On top of this, there are obvious perks to this new arrangement that we will certainly enjoy while it lasts:

They are keeping their hands to themselves guys!

We are no longer getting groped, dragged and coerced into vehicles we do not want to board and we do not know where they are headed to in the first place. Who would have thought there would be a time when conductors would ask you to get into their PSVs while keeping respectful distance? It is happening guys; sad that a viral disease had to induce it but it is happening.

Phone peepers

When you have the whole seat to yourself, you run a lower risk of your phone getting peered at by your neighbour. Some of these people were so easy and had nothing to hide about looking at your phone. They would even ask you who that was on your status, so casually as if they have watching rights to your phone.

Petty thieves

There have been so many incidents of people getting stolen from by the people who sat next to them on public transport. The two-seats-one-man system has surely contained that.


Ah, the passengers who spread their legs as wide as the ocean while ignoring the fact that they paid for one, and not two of the seats. Now you have the whole seat to yourself, thankfully.

Sad that we have to pay double the fare for such convenience, but now that it has been demonstrated that all these are possible, we pray that people stick to their best behaviors when things come back to normal.