In this issue, musician Linda Muthama gets candid about detaching from her past, finding her path as a gospel artist, and what she has been up to having kept a low profile for years.

Read about Lucie Soita’s long journey to recovery after a freak road accident that almost took her life as you get to know Dr. Chemtai Mungo and her mission to combat cervical cancer.

We also tell you about three innovators and their amazing and unique solutions to help cope with COVID-19.

Be inspired by Pamellah Oduor of Let’s Cook Kenyan Meals who left her banking job to be a chef as youngsters Sharon Momanyi and Premier Foods CEO Joseph Choge take us through their inspiring rise in their careers.

Get marital insights from a couple that has been married for 23 years and be empowered on relationships, health, finance, and raising money-smart kids.

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