In a Parents magazine exclusive, songbird Kambua gets candid about her long and emotionally draining journey to motherhood and her commitment to use her experience and voice to speak about infertility issues.

To commemorate International Women’s Month, we celebrate individuals using their spaces to empower women such as Dr Rose Mutiso and other young women thriving in male-dominated fields and pulling other women and girls up in the process.

Be inspired by Naomi Munyi who demonstrates that women have what it takes to sit and contribute at the decision-making table and read about Francis Machugu’s one-man show in fighting menstrual poverty.

Get relationship insights from our couple of the month who show that love only gets better with time even as we give you tips on making your relationship work despite having different personalities.

Additionally, find out why you are not losing weight as we tell you how you can make money online. This issue is also packed with well-researched parenting, nutrition and health tips for a better you.

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