Nairobi has had quite a vibrant restaurant life for a while now. In this day and age, ones social life is almost always put up on Instagram for all to see, hence the term ‘Instagrammable’. This refers to whether something is worth posting to your Instagram feed or not. If you are one of those people who go by the mantra ‘if it is not on Instagram it did not happen’ these Instagrammable restaurants will beguile you. Trying new restaurants is how most people reward themselves for their hard work these days.  Aesthetic is a crucial part of what people seek for while looking for Instagrammable restaurants. Below are a list of restaurants that provide both good food and an aesthetic to die for.

Inti – A Nikkei Experience

instagrammable restaurants
Source: EatOut

The exotic restaurant is dedicated to serving authentic Japanese, Peruvian and South American dishes. It is located at One Place Africa along Waiyaki way. The restaurant intends to cater to culinary adventurers. The chefs blend Peruvian and Japanese food to come up with a perfect blend of both worlds. Located on the 20th floor, it provides a beautiful overview of the city. The bamboo and papyrus based decorations, provide an ambiance that oozes authenticity.

Honey and Dough

Honey and Dough Instagrammable restaurants
Honey and Dough [Photo by Lyra Aoko ]
Kenya’s first gourmet cafe is quite the sight to behold. Many firsts lie within the four walls of this beautiful establishment. It caters to vegans and non- vegans alike and gives one a variety to choose from. Its decoration offers as much variety as its menu. The neon lights combined with bright colors of nature compliment each other perfectly. The wooden finish on the bar and lighting create a tropical environment with a unique reminder that you are still in the city. This is because the restaurant is located on the 7th floor of the One Africa Place (same building as Inti)

Karel T Lounge

Karel T Lounge
Source: Karel T Lounge

This little slice of heaven is located at the village market. Its blue and white theme tees it up for a perfect photo location. The restaurant does not box itself to an area and serves food from all over the world. It also provide live jazz music to its customers every Saturday.

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