How to use lube for great sex

Vaginal lubricants or simply lube, have not been embraced in our society as much as they should, most of it assisted by the ignorance surrounding this topic. While there is

  • PublishedSeptember 17, 2019

Vaginal lubricants or simply lube, have not been embraced in our society as much as they should, most of it assisted by the ignorance surrounding this topic. While there is self lubrication when a woman is sexually aroused,  at times is not enough. This can result in pain and overall sexual frustration.

Lubricants during sex are very important especially for ladies who suffer dryness during sex or produce less natural lube as a result of either of the following; medication, aging and menopause or hormonal imbalance. Artificial lubricants come into play and help enhance and boost intimacy, arousal and ensure that friction is reduced during penetration.

Whether you’re looking to increase your lube collection or are just starting out your experimentation with one, here is a complete guide on different types of lubricants and pro tips that will make your sex life more thrilling.

Oil-based lubes

They are inexpensive, extremely slippery and are easily accessible. The downside of this type of lube is that it can’t be used with latex or rubber products as it damages them. An example of latex condoms. So if you are not planning to use condom this lube would be a good choice.

Oil-based lubes are also very hard to wash out and can stain or even ruin your sheets. When using this lube, opt to utilize your old sheets instead of staining new ones. Oil based lubes can also irritate the skin especially if you are allergic to their ingredients. Before using this lube, check with your partner to ensure that they are not allergic to the product.

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Sadly, oils can trap bacteria in the vagina and anus leading to infection. If you are prone to yeast infections do some thorough research before using oil as your lubricant

ExampleS of oil-based lubes are: baby oil, petroleum jelly, creams and coconut oil.

Water-based lubes

These lubes are the best for intercourse especially if you are planning on using a condom, since they rarely cause breakages.The problem with water-based lubes is that they dry out easily and you have to reapply them every time this happens. Most over-the counter lubricants are safe for a lot people especially when used as per instructions .

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There are two types of water-based lubes; one with glycerin and one without. The one with glycerin is sweet to the taste and is the best especially if your a couple that switches between oral sex and penetration.The sugar content in the one with glycerin can contribute to yeast infection, however. Both of these varieties can tend to be sticky over time.  An example is KLY Water-based lubricant.

Silicone based lubes

They last longer than water-based lubes are very silky, odorless, and smooth. They are the best for shower sex because they don’t wash off easily. Although it can last longer, washing it off from your body will need scrubbing which can irritate the skin. This lube adds extra sensation and is condom-safe.

If you are one to use silicone sex toys, silicone lubes are not advisable as they can break them down.

Lubes can break or build your sexual experience. If you use either of the lubes aforementioned and they affect you and your partner, talk to a doctor.



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