Every single relationship is based on trust. Love, of course, is the foundation of it all. The devotion that we give to the other party on the other hand is equally essential. Like respect, this devotion is not automatic, rather, earned.

However, in most parent- children relationships, this is not the case. The aspect of reverse devotion is not considered. One can have a great parent but end up having wounds that will affect their character later in life.

Parenting and narcissism can cause such wounds. For most of us, we really do not pay attention to the methods used to bring us up and the effects it currently has on our lives. Wondering why your girlfriend acts like your mother most of the time? Probably, it is due to the parenting she had. It evidently shows that there was some sort of role reversal between her parents and her. This could either be physically or emotionally, the latter weighing more. It could be because at some point in her life, she was made to make crucial decisions ought not to be made by her. Decisions that involved the whole of her family, ones that either her dad or mom was supposed to make.

Source: epic for children

Narcissism on the other hand is a trait that most parents have unknowingly. Especially African parents. There are instances where people run to methods of parenting used on them as excuses. Their parents were mostly authoritarians, controlling everything that they do. This is the only way such parents can exercise power.

However, times have changed. These narcissistic traits are costing these parents relationship with their children. Nowadays, children prefer to be heard and given opportunity to explain themselves. All they really want is to be asked that one question. “What do you think?”