Wendy Kemunto: I suffered miscarriage after gang rape

  • PublishedNovember 28, 2019

Three months ago, two rugby stars, Frank Wanyama and Alex Olaba were sentenced to a 15-year jail term for gang raping musician Wendy Kemunto.

Rugby star Frank Wanyama, Wendy Kemunto and Alex Mahaga[Photo, Mpasho]

Wendy has finally opened up and she claims that one of the players was a trusted friend.

On the night she was raped, she says, she had decided to spend the night at the man’s place because it was too late to go home. However, things took  a turn for the worst as she was assaulted after a suspected drugging.The two men overpowered her and she had to surrender to them.

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Kemunto added that after her ordeal her assailants thanked her and asked her to tag a friend along next time.

”After the ordeal they were just normal, they thanked me and told me ‘next time, tag along a friend’, I kept quiet all through.

I was in a very bad place, so after everything ended I called a friend who came and picked me and took me to the hospital.

I was a mess and I felt violated and that is why I called on my friend to help me think straight.”

Miscarriage and depression

Wendy Kemunto {Photo, Classic 105}

Speaking to NTV’s Grace Msalame in a candid interview, Wendy revealed that she did not consider reporting the case based on the past cases she had heard of rape victims who had sought justice.The experience left her traumatized and depressed for weeks. She contemplated suicide at some point.

Three weeks later, Wendy discovered she was pregnant. ”At around the sixth month of pregnancy I suffered a miscarriage. The doctor said it was because of the stress and unsuitable environment I was in. It was painful physically and psychologically.I would not even look at babies’”she said, breaking down.

Opening up

Initiating the incident on social media broke her family, she admits.

“This is the main reason why I regret sharing the story. But thankfully, they still accepted me and walked with me through this journey, she reveals.”

Wendy says she did not expect her post to attract such attention.She admits she got a lot of backlash but also encouragement as fellow women and men also shared her experiences and this made her stronger.

”Fellow women even bashed me with words like, ‘You asked for it’, ‘what were you wearing’, and all those negative comments but I only focused on the positive comments”, she said.


Fast forward to the prosecution and the whole process, Wendy finally got justice and says she is so grateful for the judgement.

”There are days when I wake up and I want to cry because I feel so overwhelmed but I tell myself I have a purpose and I need to move on,” she concluded.



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