It is unknown to many, that feet are a road map to the state of one’s health. A lot of underlying health issues manifest themselves through the feet. However, feet happen to be one of the most neglected parts of the body. It is because of this that a lot of health problems go unnoticed and unattended to. We look at what signs to look out for below. This will help you realize what your feet are saying you about your health.

Loss of feeling in feet

Feet often fall asleep , this is not a foreign matter. This usually happens when one’s leg is in an uncomfortable position. As a result blood does not flow proper.y leading to a feeling of numbness. This loss of feeling could also present itself as a tingling sensation. It is however very unusual if this lasts longer than a few minutes and happens regularly. This could be caused by nerve damage or could be an early sign of diabetes. Diabetes causes the presence of high fat and blood sugar levels. These high blood glucose levels ruin the blood vessels that nourish the veins. As a result, the nerves cannot function well. Nerves are responsible for the transmission of messages to the brain. Therefore, if they don’t function properly, it can lead to loss of feeling. This usually ends up being manifested in the feet.

Flaked feet

Flaky feet is often caused by lack of proper skin care. This can be helped by drinking more water or the constant use of moisturizer. However, if this persists for more than couple of weeks, there could be a problem. Flaky feet could indicate a thyroid gland problem. The thyroid gland is located in the neck. It is responsible for the development of the nervous system and controls blood pressure. You can prevent high blood pressure by having this checked out.


Clubbing refers to having rounder, wider than normal toes. This can be a show sign of lung infection or heart disease that results in insufficient oxygen in the blood. As a result the tissues at the toe area swell. It is thus highly recommendable to get checked now that you know what your feet are saying about your health.

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