If you are a fashion lover, you can turn your passion into a side hustle! There is nothing as satisfying as being paid for doing something you love and something you can do effortlessly. Here are 5 side hustles for fashion lovers that can earn you an extra coin.

Fashion blog/ blog

5 side hustles for people who love fashion
Model: Nancie Mwai, style blogger Source: Nairoi Wire

Everyone is a fashion blogger these days, and that is so good because they create a pool of unique content for everyone. You too can jump on the band wagon with your unique style and perspective. No matter how crowded an industry seems, the best will always stand out. Ever heard that phrase, cream will always rise to the top? So if you feel you have a fresh perspective and unique content, jump in!

Personal stylist

5 side hustles for people who love fashion
Fahion Stylist Cess Munyoro Source: Pulse Live

You might be gifted in the art of knowing what to pair with what, having prior knowledge of where to get something, but not everyone is that blessed. Picking out clothes for the day and fort events has to be one of the top daily causes of stress. If you are such a fashion maven that people keep coming to you for styling advice, why not put a tag on it and earn from it?

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Online second-hand clothes shop

If you are one of those people who know where to get everything and cheaply, do not be selfish with your talent. People want to look nice but most boutiques can be so expensive. At the same time, they do not have the time (and energy) to walk around looking for these clothing items,. So why not open an online second-hand clothes and shoes shop? Online because it will be cheaper in terms of rent, and also because then you will not have to employ someone to watch over your shop. You will be carrying your shop around in your phone and coordinating deliveries.

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Personal shopper

We all know someone who is rich rich, but has such a bad sense of style it makes us all want to cry? Why not be a personal shopper for someone who would like to look good, but cannot purchase fashionable items to save themselves!

Gifted hands

Can you sew or have a knack in up-cycling and adjusting clothes? Make that your business. Transform old, thrifted or abandoned clothes into unique pieces and sell them!

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