Caroline Gathoni grew up under the care of her elder sister. Understandably, her sister molded her into the woman she is today, which includes using JIK to keep her home clean and disinfected.
As she transitioned to high school, Caroline was inspired by how her sister kept her clothes looking clean and new courtesy of JIK. Now that she is a mother, she knows no other truth. “There is no way I can survive without it in my home,” she admits.

Caroline has used JIK for over two decades and her desire is for her children to enjoy playing without worrying about getting their clothes dirty. She also desires her children’s clothes to look clean and ever fresh. Since she understands the importance of having JIK, she has passed down the knowledge to her housekeeper in order to maintain the standards of cleanliness in her home.

Being a mother of young children, Caroline has had her fair share of stubborn stains – from tea stains on their school uniforms to soil stains on their everyday clothes. She says that these stains are easy to manage. “All I need to do is soak the clothes in some JIK solution and the stains come off easily,” she shares.

Caroline adds that JIK comes in handy in her home as it is not just limited to clothes but also works wonders in general house cleaning. For example, she uses it to get rid of stubborn stain marks and mildew on her tiles. “I sprinkle a few droplets of JIK solution on the tiles and let it stay overnight. I scrub off the stains in the morning to find a squeaky clean and germ-free floor,” she explains.


This magic is felt all the way to her toilets and sinks, which helps her to get rid of germs that accumulate in such spaces. Caroline has passed this wisdom down to her children and her daughter Angela, who is an art enthusiast, has found a way of incorporating JIK in her art and craft projects.

“She uses it to draw over papers for great contrast and dramatic effect,” Caroline explains.

Caroline is aware that though JIK is a trusted friend to her and the entire family, she has to supervise her children as they interact with it to avoid any mishandling of the product and to avoid any unnecessary accidents.

“I would choose it over any other product because it’s gentle on my hands and doesn’t cause any reactions,” Caroline says in conclusion.