A woman identified as Millicent Kithinji allegedly committed suicide just a few hours after posting cryptic messages on Facebook on Thursday 21, March.

Her last post was a goodbye message to her daughter and she mentioned that she had given up.

It read: “My love ….words are hard to form a perfect clause to express the love I have for you.i have fought the battle but seems like am being defeated ..I only pray that God may give you guidance, love and comfort.mom still loves you and will always love you.kindly do forgive me.”

Prior to posting that, she had also asked her father for forgiveness and it seems like she had already come to a conclusion to take her own life.

At one time, she had posted a meme of a dejected man who was holding on to a rope and it seemed that he wanted to take his own life.This shows that she had been thinking about taking her own life for a while.

Following the new of her sudden demise, friends flooded her timeline with messages of condolences and many regretted why they hadn’t responded to her cry for help.

“Too painful! It’s good to speak out and share what they are going through! Taking life isn’t the solution!” wrote Gitonga Elijah.

“Rest in peace gal, I tried all i could but it didn’t work. May God forgive and accept you in His kingdom so that you find love, happiness and joy that you lacked here on earth,” wrote Polly Mburia on her timeline.

Some are also appealing to Kenyans to offer support especially to her young baby who has been left behind following her mother’s sudden demise.