On 15th March, Jalang’o hosted Betty Kyalo in her own show Up Close With Betty. This was an opportunity for her fans to get some of their questions concerning her answered. Betty’s mother and two sisters were also part of the episode. He also got an opportunity to get a clean shave from Betty herself in her beauty parlour, Flair by Betty and later on enjoyed swimming together as they winded up the interview.

Here are some of the things we deduced from the interview:

  1. When was Betty really born?

Jalang’o directed this question to her mom who answered, “Betty was born in 1989, 15th March at 8pm.” Her age issue came up after she posted a picture of herself, saying she cant wait to celebrate her 30th birthday. A fan bashed her for that, digging up ‘evidence’ that Betty was lying about her age.

  1. Why the scar on her left side of the face?

Betty was hit by a matatu in Railways Nairobi when she was in form three. “I went through seven surgeries Jalang’o…it took me like two months, seven surgeries for me to be patched up together.”

  1. Is Betty seeing someone?

Betty confirmed that she is seeing someone after her breakup with Dennis Okari. However, she refused to confirm whether the guy is white or black.

  1. Did She know Okari’s girlfriend?

Okari’s wedding caused a stir after the netizens came to a conclusion that his wife was a bride’s maid during his wedding with Betty. Betty however refuted the claims, saying that she did not know the girlfriend. She also went ahead to say that the lady who was her bride’s maid was Rosy Ohon, the gospel artist and not Naomi Joy.

  1. Did Betty really date Governor Joho?

Jalang’o teased her about her relationship with Joho, in which Betty just laughed it away, not giving a verbal confirmation on whether they actually dated.

  1. How did her life change after Ivanna was born?

Betty revealed that being a mom has taught her not to just spend money since she has to cater for Ivanna’s needs and the future. Parenthood also makes her think more about the baby and not herself. “Most of the time I go to a shopping mall…I go there and I want to but something for myself. By the time I am leaving the mall, everything is about her. Her clothes, her shoes.”

  1. How does she deal with cyber bullying?

Betty replied to this by saying that she understands that everyone cannot love you. Even if you are the ‘perfect human being’ around, people will often find fault with you. “People out there have become monsters. People are angry. People are bitter about so many things…mimi sijali. I take the good and ignored the bad.”