Woman pleads guilty for attempting to sell her last born son for Sh300,000

  • PublishedMarch 8, 2019

A baby is a blessing. The problem comes in when you have no means to support that child. Such is the case that befell one woman from Namboboto village, Funyula constituency, forcing her to offer her last born up for sale.

According to the news reported by the Standard, the woman is a single mother of six children and raising the children has been a struggle for her.

The woman was arrested alongside a man who was accused of facilitating the sale of the child. She pleaded guilty to the charges while the man pleaded not guilty. The man told the court that the woman approached him, looking for someone who can buy the child from her given that she was struggling to raise the other five children. Apart from the money, the other condition that the woman had was that the buyer should be someone without children of their own.

Part of the charge sheet read, “On March 6, 2019, at Namboboto village in Samia sub-county within Busia County, being mother to SO, a boy child aged one year and six months, (you) offered him for sale to a Justus Odowa Ojanji at Sh300, 000.”

The Principal Magistrate gave an order for the baby’s intended buyer to be arraigned in court. “The person who was to buy the child should be produced in court,” he said.

The hearing will proceed on March 11, 2019 after the buyer is arraigned in court.

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