Your eyes need tender loving care

  • PublishedJuly 2, 2012

The skin around the eye area is a place we may not pay a lot of attention to, yet it plays the important role of protecting and defining our eyes. When affected by puffiness and dark circles, among other problems, it tends to age us a lot more than wrinkles or grey hair. The skin in this area is thin and delicate and not as firmly attached to the underlying muscle and bone as the skin in other parts of the face and therefore requires tender, loving care in order to maintain health, youth and beauty.


Our eyes have been referred to as the windows to our souls as they, to an extent, reflect our vitality and emotions. They are also one of our most beautiful and individual features. However, the area around our eyes also plays a vital role in our overall look. More importantly, it is an indicator of the general state of our health. Here are a few common problems that may affect this area and how to deal with them.

Puffy eyes

Puffy eyes are caused by lack of sleep, and in some cases too much of it, crying, too much salt or alcohol, allergies, stress, sensitivity to some skin and make-up products and sluggish circulation that causes stagnation and waterlogged tissue around the eyes. Puffiness may also indicate a thyroid problem or signal constipation.

There are several tried and tested measures to reduce puffiness around the eyes. Freeze several slices of cucumber in plastic bags, and then lie down, keeping your head propped up on a pillow and place them on your eyes for about 10-20 minutes while still frozen. The same can be done with tea bags, potato or apple slices, a cotton ball soaked in ice-cold water or ice cubes wrapped in a clean cloth. Cool splashes of regular tap water also allow the swelling to recede. Lightly massaging both your upper and lower eyelids also enables you to push excess fluids trapped in your eye area away from your eyes.

Dark circles

These are caused by lack of enough sleep, stress, poor circulation or poor elimination, which encourage pigments and waste to settle in the delicate tissue around the eye. Various health issues such as kidney problems, food intolerance and some nutritional deficiencies also cause dark circles under the eyes. If not properly addressed, this problem may become deep seated.

It can be countered by taking teabags that just made tea or that have been soaked in warm water then keeping them on your shut eyes for about 20 minutes as you lie down. Since dark circles also indicate the presence of toxins in your body consider lowering your salt intake, drinking plenty of water, maintaining a balanced diet and getting adequate exercise. Also, get enough sleep and quit smoking as it leads to vascular problems, which can cause the blood vessels to have a much more prominent, bluer colour.

Under eye wrinkles

These are small lines or wrinkles in the skin around the eyes, also referred to as laugh lines or crows feet, as they resemble the feet of a crow, branching outwards from the outer corner of the eye or below the eye. In the same way that clothes get creased when they’re folded, laughing, squinting or rubbing of the eyes can cause creases and wrinkles.

These are usually the first signs of aging, and are dreaded by most people. Although aging is inevitable, it can be slowed down. Drink plenty of water every day. Apart from flushing out toxins from the body, water increases elasticity of the skin, thus making it less prone to developing wrinkles.

Cucumber juice is also effective in tightening the skin. Place fresh cucumber slices on your eyes every day for about 10–15 minutes as part of your beauty regimen. You could also soak cotton balls in cucumber juice and apply it on the eyes before sleeping. Or apply crushed cucumber over the eyes and wash it off after 30 minutes.

Egg white is also a beneficial remedy. Apply egg white on the eye wrinkles every day and you will notice the improvement in your skin texture within a few weeks. Castor oil, coconut oil and almond oil also work well. Dab a few drops of any one of these oils on the wrinkles then use your fingertips to massage gently to help tighten your skin. Take special care not to pull the skin when applying or removing make-up, as this may hasten the arrival of premature wrinkles.

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