Give your home a makeover

  • PublishedJuly 2, 2012

Improving your home does not have to be an expensive affair. A small amount of money spent smartly can make you feel as if you are living in a new home. However, it takes a lot of creativity and boldness to make changes that will give your home glamour. You need to have a plan before you embark on improving your home. Below are some helpful tips.

The most striking change that could easily bring a new feel to your home is giving it a coat of fresh paint. Do not shy away from using bold colours, interchanged with soft, cool colours. It’s important to go for colours that define your personality.

Change your curtains or draping. Curtains that are well coordinated with other room colours can positively enhance the feel of the area. Go for a variety of colours, textures and styles for the draping. Curtains are not very expensive and can make a huge difference to a room.

Have a family portrait in the living room. A family photo brings fond memories every time you look at it and also works as an accessory. You can also have a painting on the wall to make your home look attractive. An attractive painting often elicits admiration and compliments from visitors and adds glamour to the room.

Keep some plants around your house for a vibrant look. A dash of greenery will make your house appear lively and fresh. If you cannot get fresh flowers or plants, try artificial ones, which look equally great. Buy a flower vase and colourful, artificial flowers to add appeal in your home. The advantage of artificial flowers is that they can be wiped to remove dust.

How about having scented candles in your house? These bring a sweet fragrance and come in a variety of colours that can bring transformation in your home. When lit at night, candles give a beautiful effect to a room.

Not everything in your space has to be an exact match to make a beautiful home. Place colourful pillows on the sofa for an inexpensive makeover and then relate the colours in artwork, vases, or a rug for a room with flow.

As a rule of thumb, ensure that your house is clean at all times. Cleaning and organising the house is one of the easiest ways to get a beautiful house without spending a fortune.

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