Your man might fancy these 5 open-toe shoes for Valentines

Gone are the days when a guy wearing sandals or open shoes was something to scoff about. It is okay to let your toes get a breather once in a

  • PublishedFebruary 12, 2020

Gone are the days when a guy wearing sandals or open shoes was something to scoff about. It is okay to let your toes get a breather once in a while especially if you are always in closed shoes. Open-toe shoes have ameliorated over time. Consider the following before the actual purchase; quality, durability, material and purpose.

Whether you are a man seeking these sandals or you want to get him something for Valentines, below are 5 open-toe shoes you should definitely check out if your just so green on men sandals.

Leather sandals

Leather sandals have the perfect balance between classy and sleek.These sandals are a good investment and are worthy for a spot in your wardrobe. Choose deluxe sandals and when cleaning them opt to wipe them with a wet cloth instead of hard brushing them. This is to avoid bruising the material as it is so delicate.The downside of having leather sandals is that they are not water-resistant. Both black and brown sandals would work perfectly too.

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These are sandals with a slot between the big toe and the pointer toe. When buying flip-flops go for ones with a comfortable foot bed to cushion your feet. The slot should not be too tight causing blisters or even burns. Because with flip-flops your toes will all be out, it’s okay to have a pedicure once in a while especially if your nails are too beastly and unkempt. You can play around with graphic patterns and designs on the flip-flops. You can choose your favorite color or design patterns. They are so easy to put on and are inexpensive.


Ankle support

Most guys love these shoes because they not only are supportive sandals but also have quality foot beds.When wearing these sandals ensure that your feet are dry.The adjustable straps make them very snug and they are also quite affordable

.Ankle support sandals have this sporty look to them. They are an easy adjustment from totally wearing closed shoes. Look for one with a durable sole and ensure that the straps are well in place.

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Slid-on sandals

Although very flimsy, these shoes have soles innovated purely for the purpose of grit.They are completely water resistant and can survive long distance walks. They are quite multi-purpose and just because they have a synthetic sole it does not mean they have a poor quality build.


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