Due to closure of schools to limit the spread of covid-19, parents have now been tasked with making sure their children keep up with school work. While some schools have managed to set up virtual classes for their students, some are still missing out as they lack the proper resources. Children from rural and low-income areas, especially, are facing the brunt of this.  However, if one is able to, there are several innovative organizations who have learning materials that parents and children can access.

Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development

KICD is providing learners and their parents access to learning materials through TV, radio and cloud. With these options, parents can tune in to Edu Channel on TV, KBC English Service on radio or through the KICD website. The best part about KICD’s materials is that they are in line with the curriculum. Parents with children in both 8-4-4 and CBC curriculum can find useful materials there.


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Longhorn Publishers

Through an app, Longhorn publishers provides learners with interactive notes, quizzes and exam guides. With a long history of publishing text books, this is an accredited source for learning materials. With the app, which also works when one is offline, students can study and revise at their convenience. Additionally, online classes can be found on YouTube for both primary and secondary students.

Zeraki Learning

Zeraki Learning offers  a platform to learn from highly experienced teachers from all over the country. Students in secondary schools can also take tests and track their performance. The App comprises video lessons as well as assessment tests in line with the 8-4-4 syllabus. With the performance tracking, students can know where their strengths and weaknesses lie.

While these require resources such as internet connection and a smartphone, which may be harder to actualize in certain areas, one can help out by donating. This can be done through organizations that are helping alleviate the brunt of covid such as Shofco.