With the cold weather, your natural instincts are to grab the packet of fries. But, what foods are really going to keep you warm without having to gain weight?


While it is known to be slow acting, ginger's warming effects tend to last longer compared to that of cayenne. You can serve it in different ways but ginger root tea is recommended.

Omega oils

Among the most vulnerable parts of our bodies during this cold weather is our lungs. This is due to the fact that it is during this time that the lungs are most susceptible to cold and infections. Oily fish such as salmon, fresh tuna and sardines, will help increase airflow and protect your lungs. Also, eating oily fish will make your blood less sticky hence improving your circulation.

Cayenne pepper

Just a pinch of this into your food will increase your body temperature and blood circulation.


it is one of nature's most revitalizing herbs. It is filled with potent antioxidants which will help boost your metabolism, aid your digestion as well as gently warming your stomach. All these are essential for efficient breakdown of food in our bodies.