The Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife Cabinet Secretary Najib Balala has on Monday ordered an investigation against rangers who allegedly harassed a civilian in a Laikipia park.

CS Balala has ordered the Kenya Wildlife Service to investigate the matter and report their findings on Wednesday.

“The Government of Kenya and my ministry will not condone any undue harassment or intimidation of Kenyans who are going about their normal businesses and enjoying their God given heritage by anyone,” Balala said in a press statement.

Mordecai Ogada was allegedly harassed by private rangers on Saturday at Ol Jogi Conservancy, Laikipia County. He and his family were on a game drive when the incident happened.

“I was driving slowly down the public Nanyuki-Kinamba road with my kids watching animals and birds. This Land Cruiser from Ol Jogi ranch KBK 184Q drove up with a fully armed security guy at the wheel and asked me who we are and what I was doing there,” Ogada posted on Facebook.

The ranger told Ogada that he was not allowed to take any photos at the park and asked him to drive off. But Ogada stood his ground and the ranger took out his riffle and pointed it at him.

“The fellow radioed for reinforcements, stepped back and took the gun off his shoulder, pointing it directly at me and my kids. Saying that poachers are ‘people like us’. His colleagues quickly arrived in tactical mode, guns at the ready,” Ogada said.

Ogada stayed in his car and dared the rangers to shoot him or leave him alone. The rangers allowed him to proceed.