As the August 2022 general elections draw near, the political scene has become more active than ever as hopefuls in different positions hold their campaigns. However, the ordinary citizen who is not vying for any political post can feel confused on their role and duty.

This article highlights a few ways through which Kenyan citizens can actively participate in the upcoming election.

Vote/register to vote

Voting gives you a voice, and is the only thing that can make a difference in the leadership of your country.

Before casting your vote,  it is important to learn a bit more about the candidates running for the various elective seats so you can make an informed decision.

Mostly consider the leadership capabilities and the vision of candidates for the country in making your decision as opposed to their family or tribal background.

Maintain peace and harmony

No matter how agitated you are, remember you are not your neighbour's enemy you just do not agree with their view. This is a good time to also keep away from demeaning tribal sentiments as they are likely to trigger a retaliation.

Keep in mind that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and we cannot all have things going our way.

Kenya is a diverse country and it is this diversity that makes the country hospitable and prosperous. Therefore, do not turn against any other person because of politics and any utterances made should be objective and constructive at all times

Attend public forums

Inform yourself and ask all the difficult questions by attending forums organised for public participation. This is the perfect place to air your sentiments regarding the state of the economy and other pressing matters. Public forums provide a platform for leaders and citizens to interact thus enabling information exchange. It is possible to influence a leader's view of his community by sharing constructive information during these forums.

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Familiarise yourself with the law

The constitution is the main source of laws and principles  of the land, therefore to gain an in-depth understanding of how things work, reading the constitution is your best option. This will even enforce your willingness to take part in the election process.

Studying the constitution will also allow you to understand other rights that you are entitled to during the election period thus giving you power to speak up in case any of it is violet.

To conclude...

An election offers ordinary citizens a chance to determine the course of how the country will run till the next general election. It is only in order that every citizen is aware of their duties and responsibilities.

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