Weddings are exciting just as they are stressful. Even with the services of an efficient wedding planner, it is not strange for brides to forget some things. These are the 10 common things brides often forget on the wedding day.


Brides might get too carried away with the wedding dress and shoes that they forget the bras, panties and other undergarments. Many a bride have gone though their big days commando for this reason!


All the running around and anxiety sometimes does not allow for eating. But it is going to be a long day and you do not want to be tired and feel faint. Better eat!


Once the wedding starts, it can be hard to excuse yourself for a washroom break because all eyes will be on you. More so, not much can happen in your absence. This is how most brides end up spending the whole day uncomfortable.

Cake knife

It is hard to forget the cake because, you know, what is a wedding without cake? But the cake knife? We do not know what happens but for some reason most brides forget the cake knife.

Dancing shoes

What is a Kenyan wedding without the dancing part? Most brides often forget to bring comfortable, flat dancing shoes to change into. Dancing to those traditional Kenyan beats in heels ranks as an extreme sport.

Writing vows

Some brides cannot be bothered to come up with custom vows. Others would like very much to say their own vows, but they forget to write it down. Thus, they have to settle for the good ol’ ‘…till death do us part’.


Not having a program can really disorganize the whole wedding. When it comes to speeches especially, people who will talk should be informed beforehand. Having everyone grappling for the mic then boring everyone to death with your life history can completely ruin a wedding.

It is their day

Most brides are carried away with their visions of perfection that  they forget to enjoy their day. There is also that part of trying to please everyone. Enjoy your day! People who want to be pleased can go have their own weddings, but on that day, it is all about you. Forget the cake knife, the shoes, even the groom if you must, but do not forget it is your day!

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