10 things dads should never do in the delivery room

  • PublishedAugust 21, 2019

Gone are the days dads were not allowed inside the delivery rooms and mums went through the experience alone. These days dads can be in the delivery room if they choose to – It just shows that you are in it together. That said, there are things dads do in the delivery room that make their presence worse than their absence. Here are 10 pet peeves dads should never do in the delivery room.

Complain about being tired

You are tired, granted, labour can take hours at best. However, the mother of your child is definitely more tired, and you complaining will not make things any easier for her.

Being on your phone the whole time

It is not appropriate to be engrossed on your phone while the mother of your child is just feet away, writhing in pain and shrieking her head off. Whatever it is – work, football, friends – it can wait. This is the birth of your child.

Be distracted

Do not get carried away by the television or any other thing. More than anything, your wife needs you at that moment.

Ask your wife to behave

There is no ‘behaving’ in the labour room. The pain in unbearable and different women deal with it differently. If she wants to scream, let that mama go off. If she is breathing too loudly, for your baby’s good just let her be.

Compare her to other women

Simply put, just watch what you say to your baby’s mum at this time. Don’t ask her why she is screaming too loud yet other women are quiet. Neither should you ask her why she is taking too long. If she could, she could get it over with asap.

Do not argue with her

Women in labour can be quite irritable. However irrational she is and however anxious you are, try not to get into arguments with her. Also, do not take some things she says in this state personally (a lot can be said). She is going through a lot and you do not have slightest idea what she is going through. Just find it in your heart to understand her.

Comment on how gross it is

Now come on, that is your child being born. Childbirth is messy business. If you went through the making of the baby, surely you can go through its birthing.

Acting macho

If you cannot stand it, leave. Take a brake, go outside for fresh air. It can be too much and there is no weakness in stepping out. Don’t try to be the hero and end up passing out.

Eat in the delivery room

Especially if the food has a very strong aroma, the mother of your child will hate it.

Do nothing

Something as simple as holding her hand and encouraging her as she pushes can be so helpful. But you standing at the far end of the room and refusing to be involved might not be taken so well.

Sleeping through it all

Tired as you are, try not to sleep through the entire experience as your wife tries to bring your baby into the world.

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