8 unwritten rules of marriage

Every married person knows the weight that marriage vows carry and will do well to keep them in mind at all times. However, more often than not, couples find themselves

8 unwritten rules of marriage
  • PublishedJuly 16, 2021

Every married person knows the weight that marriage vows carry and will do well to keep them in mind at all times. However, more often than not, couples find themselves in trouble not for the vows themselves but for the little unspoken rules that govern peace and coexistence between couples.

According to experts, the following are the not so obvious marriage rules that you should observe in your marriage.

Respect each other’s wishes and privacy

Your spouse may not desire to have their lives in the public eye and may thus not want their pictures on social media. It is important that you both agree and respect one another’s need for privacy and this may include the children too. Establish the guidelines and resist the temptation to air your grievances in public.

Avoid criticism of your partner’s circle

While constructive criticism every once in a while may be healthy, being overcritical about your spouses circle especially friends can  be very unhealthy to your marriage. Be very cautious and instead of criticising, practise empathy.

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Give advice when asked

There is always a temptation to give unsolicited advice. Give your support, a listening ear, but do not presume that you know what is best. Give your spouse space to make decisions and gain confidence through trial and error and ask that they do the same for you. Trust that they can make the best choices for both of you.

Make quality time a priority

Imagine when you are trying to have some alone time together as a couple and one person is glued to their phone? It will make you feel unwanted and underappreciated by your significant other. Therefore, find a balance and so that family time becomes simply that without distractions from external sources including cell phones.

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Do not threaten your partner with Divorce

Divorce is not a word that should be blurted out every there is an argument or a disagreement. This may be hurtful and emotionally damaging to your partner. Continuous use only increases the chances of your actual divorce.

Fight maturely

Choose what to fight over and what not to, speak up. Tell your partner what bothers you and that you’d like to work on a solution, You’d be surprised what you could learn about each other.

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Disclose any close encounters with old flames

An encounter with your ex can happen either online through social media or physically at a groceries store. Do not keep quiet with this, hoping that your partner does not find out as it can blow up in your face.

Let the past be simply that…the past

Have an understanding that past arguments remain in the past statute of limitations on them. People repeat ancient disagreements because they haven’t resolved the problem. Letting things fester often causes marriages to break down. It’s important to address issues as they happen and come to some sort of a resolution—agreeing to disagree counts.

Bottom line

Although breaking the marriage vows is a serious detriment to your marriage, lack of proper communication and prioritizing are equally dangerous. You both must be able to reason maturely and constructively to solve problems.

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