90's fashion trends coming back in 2021

The 90’s will always be a trendsetter and a time to reminisce on. From its music, icons, movies, to outfits, there is always something to mark the now thirty year

90's fashion trends coming back in 2021
  • PublishedJuly 21, 2021

The 90’s will always be a trendsetter and a time to reminisce on. From its music, icons, movies, to outfits, there is always something to mark the now thirty year gap decade. 90’s outfits were characterized with permed hair, cropped tops and oversize shirts and trousers.

Some of these trends have resurfaced and look just as stunning as they did back in the days. Though people have come up with new ways to style them, you cannot deny the outstanding vintage effect these trends have on your outfits.

Bucket hat

Bucket hats, known for their wide rimmed edge have, have become a sought after accessory recently. The popular 90’s street wear hat comes in handy to protect your face from the sun and adds style to your outfits.

Flannel shirts

Flannels are checked shirts that can either be layered or worn solo. This unisex trend seems to never go out of fashion. It is an easy go-to option for casual days when you just want a simple look. More recreations of flannel’s checked designs have been seen in outfits such as dresses, shorts and skirts.

Oversize jeans

At one point after the 90’s, skinny jeans were the it in the history of fashion and oversize jeans would get a shrugged shoulder. Now, they are the ultimate outfit for comfort and style. They have grown to be referred to as wide, straight, flare, boyfriend and mom jeans.

Platform shoes

Platform shoes and combat boots were popular then and are popular now. The platform trend has come in slides, wedges, rubbers and boots. They are comfortable to wear and walk in, making them a go-to pick for trendsetters in this new era.

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Scarves, especially the silk ones tied over the head and around the neck, were a statement trend that is hard to miss in most 90’s pictures. They have recently re-surged as one of the ways to beat bad hair days. Paired with shades, they add a classy look to an outfit.

Fanny packs

Fanny packs were beforehand worn as on-the-go bags with casual outfits. They have recently become a popular addition to casual and official outfits altogether. It goes with everything! They are a nice way to carry extra stuff without the fear of forgetting or losing your bag since it is tied to you. Many fashion brands have come up with new designs for these bags, making them a must have accessory.

Spaghetti straps

Spaghetti straps were created back then to create a revealing, sexy look. From slip dresses to tops, they have a teasing effect and allow your accessories to be a prominent statement in your outfits.

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Pleated outfits

Checked outfits became popular after the release of 90’s movie, ‘Clueless’. In the movie, the main characters were their school’s trendsetters and turns out they set the trend for us too. Now, the trend is making a comeback in the form of checked shorts, dresses, and skirts.

Velvet and corduroy

Corduroy was once a ‘catch me dead in it’ outfit but you can’t say the same for it now. Many beautiful designs of the material have come up, changing the narrative to ‘I must have it’. The same applies to velvet, which is now a statement fashion piece thanks to its rich classy look.

Graphic T-shirts

Graphic T-shirts marked the 90’s runways and are back to set the trend again. They have become more popular, with the revolution of t-shirt printing companies. Owing to the variety of graphic images available, they are a great way to portray your mood, interests and passion. Graphic tees can now be dressed officially too!

The list is endless. We cannot forget to mention knee-high socks, cashmere vests, and claw hair clips among others.

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