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10 reasons you are losing hair

Great hair can be a great boost to your confidence. Unfortunately, it does not grow on its own for most people. You need to pay serious attention to your hair

10 reasons you are losing hair
  • PublishedJuly 21, 2021

African hair has come a long way, from the days of wigs and chemically treated hair to the days of rocking the fro. It is easier to get natural hair advice and products today than it was ten years ago. Unfortunately, some people have still not gotten to the point where they can be proud of their hair. This is due to several reasons which include hair loss. If you are one of those people that experiences too much shedding, here are certain things that could be causing it.

Tight braiding

Let’s face it, braiding your hair too close to the scalp does not help it grow faster. Pulling your hair will cause the strands to fall out. When done over a long period, it can damage your hair follicles. Unfortunately, it is hard to revive damaged hair follicles.


Don’t get me wrong, wigs are a go-to alternative especially when you are having a bad hair day or are out of styling options. Nevertheless, wearing a wig for too long can cause hair loss especially if you used bonding glue to attach the wig. Therefore, opt for sewn-in weaves.

Harsh chemicals

You may have heard horror stories of people who lost all their hair due to the use of chemicals. While relaxing is an alternative way to wear your hair, ensure that you seek the services of a professional to apply the relaxer. Also, ensure that you are not using a substandard product.

Heavy styles

Thick braids look good on your head. It is only when removing them that you realise what a disservice you have done to your hair due to shedding. If you must wear thick braids, ensure that the hair they are attached to is also voluminous to avoid straining your hair strands.

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Alopecia basically means abnormal hair loss. A normal human sheds between 50 and 100 strands of hair per day. However, if you notice that you are shedding an abnormal amount of hair, it would be best to consult a trichologist. Some forms of Alopecia are hereditary while others are caused by poor habits. For instance, Traction Alopecia is caused by constant pulling.

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When you are pregnant, your body produces more estrogen levels. Sudden change in hormones may trigger self-induced hair loss which may be the reason why you are seeing more hair on your brush. Fortunately, the issue resolves within a few months.

Aggressive combing and brushing

You should detangle your hair using your fingers to avoid having to pull in a bid to free the knots on your ends. Also, ensure that you get the right comb for your type of hair and avoid combing your hair too much. A wide-toothed comb is a must-have for people with thick and curly hair as it helps in detangling. If possible, wear a protective style so that you don’t have to keep combing your hair. Also, do not use a rough towel to dry your hair. Instead, opt for a cotton t-shirt.

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Too much heat

Heat styling is a good styling option especially when you do not have time to sit in the salon and get your hair done. It also makes trimming your hair easier. However, if you keep blowdrying your hair now and then, your strands will keep getting weaker, your hair will be prone to breakage and eventually, it may start falling out. Keep heat styling to a minimum and even then, use heat protectants.

Poor hair care routine

If you do not moisturise your hair frequently, don’t be surprised if it starts thinning. Dry hair is more prone to breakage than moisturised hair. In addition to frequent moisture, ensure that you shampoo and deep condition your hair regularly and make sure you use the right products for your hair type.

Poor diet

The phrase ‘you are what you eat applies to your hair. Hair needs certain foods to grow healthily. If all you eat is junk, don’t be surprised if you are not retaining length.

Great hair can be a great boost to your confidence. Unfortunately, it does not grow on its own for most people. You need to pay serious attention to your hair and correct any habit that may be causing hair loss. If you are confident that you are taking good care of your hair and it’s still shedding, schedule a visit to the trichologist.


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