How to grow your hair longer, stronger and volumnious

HOW TO GROW YOUR HAIR LONGER, STRONGER AND VOLUMNIOUSBeautiful hair is the crown that you can never take off. An investment on the hair is not a waste of money,

How to grow your hair longer, stronger and volumnious
  • PublishedJune 9, 2021

Beautiful hair is the crown that you can never take off. An investment on the hair is not a waste of money, energy, or resources. If anything, it gets to build your confidence, makes you feel attractive and levels up your self-esteem. It is therefore a necessity for you to look after your crown.
However, it takes a lot of time, consistency, and determination to maintain and grow natural hair. Along the journey, there are hurdles to be crossed but at the end of the day, when your hair begins to yield fruits, you’ll absolutely love it!
Here are several tips to lengthen, strengthen and increase the volume of your hair:

Yes, you read it right! Hair breakage is a foe to long hair but guess what, this will help in avoiding that. Onions have a concentrated amount of Sulphur that is necessary in regenerating your hair follicles. Ginger also contains fatty acids that enable your hair to grow stronger and healthier. They both aid in promoting blood circulation in the scalp. The process for making this treatment is super easy. Simply blend the ginger and onions then spray the juice on your hair and leave it in for around 30 to 40 minutes. After that, thoroughly wash it off with a shampoo then condition. It leaves your hair with a beautiful shin.

People often perceive trimming of hair as a loss of it. While this might be true, it is not to be compared to the growth that it will experience afterwards. You therefore should not shy away from cutting off those split ends. If you choose not to do this, the split ends will go all the way to your hair shaft hence resulting to an unrepairable damage of the strand.

If you are a natural hair fanatic, then you understand the need and benefits for essential oils. The essential oils are extracted from plants and their production process makes it very suitable and beneficial for natural hair growth. They include coconut oil, jojoba oil, peppermint oil, castor oil, tea tree oil and lavender oil.

Most “clean-freaks” do not sit well with this, but it goes a long way for promotion of growth and volume. This is because there is reduced manipulation and with that comes immense growth. It is advisable to have the style in for at least 1 month but if you can go with it for 3, the better.

Winning Tips For Bad Hair Days
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Dry hair is the main cause of breakage and hair loss.  But when the hair is moisturized, the length is retained and as a matter of fact it grows the more. Moisturizing your hair does not necessarily require you to use pricy products while you can easily access water. Buy a spray bottle and spray it all on your hair then use the essential oils to seal in the moisture.

As you hope to have a goodnight yourself, ensure that your hair gets to experience it as well by wrapping it up in a silk head tie or a Satin Bonnet. Why the precise material? This is because silk contains hair moisture while cotton sucks it off. Also, sleeping without a head tie yet your pillowcase is of cotton will automatically lead to loss of moisture thus leading to breakage.
These are not the only ways to help you grow a thick, strong and long natural hair but if you follow them and more, I believe your hair will prosper. Natural hair may be cumbersome but its worth everything you put in to ensure that it grows.

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