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Winning Tips For Bad Hair Days

Winning Tips For Bad Hair Days
  • PublishedNovember 17, 2022

Ever woken up feeling like your hair is just not cooperating? As women, so many things can upset our moods and on top of the list is bad hair. Since our hair is not only our crowning glory but also a definition of our beauty we always want to ensure perfection. How you handle a bad hair will leave you feeling either like Beyonce or an ugly duckling throughout the day.

Here are some of the few tips you can use to turn a bad hair day into a fun one;

Headwrap it

Those scarves in your wardrobe can come in handy on the days your hair seem unmanageable. Play around with the pretty colorful scarves to match your outfit. Sometimes a bad hair day is not about your hair but your mood and therefore the pretty scarves will definitely uplift your spirits.There are many shapes that include turban, headband, rosette or a knot. Tie the scarves to match your face shape or the hair you are rocking.

2. Use an Afro puff

Every woman should own the trendy, simple and elegant puffs for the days that you want to pull out an effortlessly chic look. Choose an afro puff that almost resembles your hair whether it is relaxed or natural. Comb your hair back and smooth out your edges using gel to wear your afro puff elegantly. This simple routine will save your time while giving you a million dollar look.

3.Wear a Wig

Wigs are always a go-to for women when feeling lazy or when you think your hair is a complete mess. You can either do a few cornrows or just tie the hair back and wear the wig on top of your unmanageable hair. It is a quick fix for your frustrations during the bad hair days. Wigs are also versatile hence the best go to style for many who want to switch things up.

4. Cornrows

Be your own hairdresser and try the cornrows look. You do not have to do the cornrows on your whole head. Just do a few at the top sides of your head and leave the rest of your hair out. The remaining hair can be styled to your liking. You can comb it into an afro, rock some bantu knots or tie it loosely into a messy ban.

5. Afro Look

You do not have to do any styling if you do not feel like it. Wash your hair, apply some leave in conditioner and hair oil and comb it into an afro. You can also achieve the rugged afro look using a hair sponge or rubbing a towel on your hair. The afro look could be complimented with a both bold or light touch of makeup or accessori


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